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Restorative dentistry offers several solutions to repair dental damage or decay. Mark A Porter, DDS, and Shane Porter, DDS, offer the latest restorative treatment to residents of San Antonio, Texas, and beyond. If you’d like to learn more about modern restorative dentistry tools and techniques, call or click today to schedule a visit. 

Restorative Dentistry Q & A

What does the term “restorative dentistry” mean?

Restorative dentistry is an area of dental practice focused on correcting issues like dental decay or dental damage. Replacing missing teeth is also part of restorative dentistry. 

The primary goal of restorative dental care is to improve your oral health and enhance daily function. Addressing issues as they arise is the best way to prevent dental health problems from worsening.

A great deal of research supports the links between dental health and overall health and wellness. Advanced dental decay, damaged teeth, or untreated gum disease allows bacteria from your mouth to enter your bloodstream. Health experts believe that this bacteria creates widespread harm.   


What are some examples of restorative dentistry treatments?

There have never been more options when it comes to treating dental decay or damage. More importantly, the quality of modern dentistry treatments is better than ever before. 

Some of the more common restorative treatments include:

  • Fillings
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Bridges
  • Root canal
  • Full or partial dentures

The Mark A Porter, DDS team prefers to take a conservative approach to dental care. Every effort is made to preserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible, and dental extractions are only recommended when there are no better options.

During your consultation, your dentist examines your teeth and uses advanced imaging to learn more about the interior tooth structure. You’ll discuss which restorative treatment options are the best fit for your needs at this time. 


How should I prepare for my restorative dentistry visit?

It’s important to let your dentist know about any health conditions you’re being treated for, as well as any medications or supplements you’re taking. That information ensures your restorative dentistry treatment plan will not cause problems with your ongoing health care. 

You should also let your dentist know if you have dental anxiety. Sedative options, like nitrous oxide or oral sedation, can help you relax while you get the restorative care you need to thrive. 

Book your consultation online or over the phone today to explore restorative dentistry in greater detail. Patient education is a central focus, and you’ll receive all the details you need to make an informed decision about your restorative treatment plan.